Download SAMP 0.3z

We have upgraded the server to 0.3z. That means you will not be able to join the server with 0.3x Client.
To join the server you have to download the newer version of Samp 0.3z You can download it here (no need to uninstall old samp it will overwrite the files).


Los Santos Street Wars Host Moved

As we were facing some Lag Issues in Our server . we Had to Move the server host from france to GERMANY. server s now online on a new ip Current server slots are 150. Server is Opened Now.All the Accounts are moved and backed up to the new Server.If you Have Any Problems Regarding Accounts You can post it right .There are also bugs Fixes Made in the server , If you find any bug In Server use /reportbug Or Post it on our Suggestion Section on forum.Forum is Also Active Now.If You Have Any Question about host, Server, or forum Be Free to ask us on forums or you can also email us on


Los Santos Street Wars Host Moved

Due To Continuous DDoS Attacks on Server. We Had to Change Our Server Host.Server has been Moved to France Location.The New Ip Address Of Server is Slots Are also Up Grated. Server Is now Opened .All the Accounts Had been Transferred To the server location. if you have any problem regarding your Account Make a refund appeal on forums. Server Website is also backed-up now.There are also bugs Fixes Made in the server , If you find any bug In Server use /reportbug Or Post it on our Suggestion Section on forum.Forum is Also Active Now.If You Have Any Question about host, Server, or forum Be Free to ask us on forums or you can also email us on

Los Santos Street Wars [ v8.0 ] Revolution

Hey Guys We are Back On 0.3x With our Latest LS-SW8.0 – 0.3x – 0.3e

Download Samp 0.3x
Download Samp 0.3e

DOWNLOAD change log

Los Santos Street Wars 8.0 Updates

1)-Change Skin Command
2)-Gang zones/turf wars
3)-Gang Names Change
4)-New Skins For BR, Mafia, César Skin Added for Azteca’s
5)-New Class/Gang/Team “GIRLS LEAGUE”
6)-Removed “Official Members “Class/Gang/Team”
7)-Animations on class selection.
8 )-Some Role-play Chat commands added
9)-Black Revenge Color changed
10)-Over Car Spawn Bug at BR Base
11)-Ammunitions Opened
12)-Bug reporting System
12)-Bug reporting System
13)-Vote Kick System
14)-Server Tutorial
15)- Death Screen

More Minnor Updates:

Red Blood Textdraw Bug Fixed
Server Verion Textdraw Added
Server Website Textdraw Added
Server Message Textdraw Added
Over Car Spawn Bug at BR Base Fixed
Gang Names Textdraws on Class Selection
More Nrg`s at BR Base And more cars in LS
Improved Jailing System (While Helikill)
Improved and fixed blood screen
Armour pickups in gang houses give 50% Armour

Turfs System:-
Every Gang in Los Santos Owns 2-3 Turfs In starting.(More Coming Soon)
To start a gang war you need at least 3 players from your team to start
The gang war. This is will 3 minutes to capture a turf. Which ever
Team that has the most players and kills on the turf at the end will
Win the turf.
– If you have more than 3 people on a turf the gang war will flash
Faster letting you capture the turf faster!
– If you have 2 players on a turf, it will take a while to start!
(In the next update there will be numbers on turfs)

Role-play Commands:-
Many Players in the server like to RP around and it’s not really bad we have added some chat commands
/l (LOW) This command is use to say something in a very low distance means like only some guys around you in a few feet distance from you
Can see what you said.
/b (Local chat) this is a normal R-p command for local chat a guy from 20-50 feet away from you can see what you are saying.
/do this command is used to show your current action to guys around you.
/me this command is used to express a feeling or action currently done by you to the guys around you.
Previously you could use the /shop command anywhere but now we have added many AMMUNATIONS in all over LS, and you can buy
Guns, ammo, toy there by using /shop command .Now you can only use the /shop in ammunitions, (/ammunitions)
There are 5 Ammunitions in Whole LS (Marina, Ganton, Downtown, Temple, and Willow-field).

Skin Change:-
In the newest version of SA-MP there is a cool update menu which we used to change the skins for VIPs they can change skin any of the GTA skin
but for normal players and gangs they can only chose the skin from your current gang.
For BR members and VIPs On player spawn the menu will automatically be popped up to select skin.
Re-class Command:-
Well previously some newbies can`t even press f4 then use /kill to change class now we have made a easier way to change your
class/team/Gang , but now for their ease we added a simple /reclass command which kills the player but dont effect the score . and take the
player directly to the class selection without press the skin . it don`t affect the score but it do give you +1 death in your stats,
Gang names change:-
We have modified the names of some Gangs in LS.
“Army” is now known as” LS-Army”
“Danang” is known as “Danang-Boys”
“Mafia” is known as “Russian Mafia”
“BR Clan” is known as “Blacks Revenge Family”
New Class:-
In This version we added a new gang class named ‘Girls League’. The class color is PINK. The spawn place is in south los Santos. There are 5
Skins in this class. and have same weapons as other gangs have. Official members’ class is replaced with this class. They are spawned at
MARINA with fewer vehicles.
Bug Reporting System:-
Now reporting bug easier then posting on forum or telling it to an admin. Now you can report a bug from in-game by using only one command
And the report will straightly be automatically mailed to the Developers of the Server.
You can use /report bug Command, to Report them. And we will be looking forward it in case the bug is on a specific location you may go to that
Location then report so we can know where the bug is occurring.(Spamming this Command Will Auto Ban) . A Very High Security system is link
With this feature as it is linked with sensitive emailing system.
Reserved Cars:-
Now you can buy your own car at “”. The car will be reserved with your account. The car can be locked, parked, teleported to you and much more.
Now incase admins are not in server and some shit hacker is in and people can /votekick there should be atleast 5 vots to kick a hacker

Our Apologize For Downtime

Our Apologize For Downtime . Since 12/1/13. we are having many many Down times because of that we are having a lot of Loss. We are Really sorry about this problem seems to be occurring in the Server Host and we all hope to see it got fixed Soon . We have already Informed the Host provider about this problem .
Please Be patient and Contribute us.

Happy New Year – 2013

Happy New Year To all of you From LS-SW Team
We are Going to give a new life to LSSW this year !

Los santos Street Wars Updates

Website Updates. 27/11/12

LS-SW (CF) Image Uploader Added

Los Santos Street Wars Image Upload is Added .Now Host Your Image On Los Santos Street Wars Data Base [CF Image Host] .. FAST FREE SECURE With Advance Upload Options , Very Simple Steps , Short Urls , Image Resize and much more.

Terms And Conditions Uploading
No Third Party / Copyright Pictures Should Be Uploaded,
No Abusive Pictures Should be Uploaded
No Upload Spam / System Abuse,
Images which violate copyrights or patents are not allowed.
Images which contain adult content such as pornography or excessive nudity.
Images which contain gruesome scenes, such as dead people or mutilations.
Images which violate the privacy of the individuals depicted are not allowed.
 Images which are considered illegal in your country.

Welcome to Los Santos Street Wars

Welcome To los Santos Street Wars Official Homepage/Portal.
Server Introduction;
LSSW (Los santos Street Wars ) is a Project Gaming Server of Black Revenge Gaming Clan . Developed by FaqahatsClub on 14/08/12
Server was a rebuild of a Server named ” Little Italy Gang Wars (2008-2011) “. LS-SW Was a based on a Game mode named ” Los Santos Gang Wars Revolution ” by ACE.
Server Was Hosted in Germany (DE) For The First Time. On 7th October Server Was moved To France and up-till now the Server is running at Same place And Ip. Server Had Several Down Times During its Progress . Server Was having a Record of 262 Players on 2nd Jan 2012 . on Samp Version 0.3c . The First Co-owner of the Server ” Coldfire ” Left his Carree in Feb 2012 . A New Team Was introduced Named ” Developers ” in Feb 2012 whos Responsibility is to take All care of the Server. Server have donation system which allow you to Get access to VIP Accounts with upto 150+ Commands And functions. Admin System of The LSSW IS a Full Remake of ” LUXADMIN ” By Luxrion .Server is Fully Protected by Anti Cheats including ” Anti Player Crasher , Anti Weapon Hacks , Server Sided Money , anti Flood , anti Car flood , Anti Bots and much more” . We Hope To keep The Server aLive and Active as possible . Thanks To ALL Admins and Players for helping us to maintain and Keeping the server active .

Welcome to Los Santos Street Wars, A Project of Blacks Revenge Clan